Raising capital is a necessary step for many startups. It can be a frustrating process for first timers. In this guide you will learn more about the process and what a successful seed raise looks like.

Investor Intelligence recognizes the need for insight into how startups can secure the funding they need. That’s one of the reasons we created this report. Over the years, we’ve helped connect companies of all types with investors. We’ve helped them raise over $100 million during that process. Because companies can easily upload and share their pitch decks with potential investors with ease using our service, they gain insight and support on their fundraising path.

To create this report, we gathered email open rates and clicks, along with time spent viewing pitched decks and the amount raised by companies like your own. This included comparing the results of over 2000 companies across over 1000 pitch decks. We used resources such as Harvard School of Business, Angel List, TechCrunch, and PearVC to help fill out the insight to provide a full, clear report for you.

Download the Founders Guide to Raising Early Stage Funding( 29 pages).