Unlocking data in new ways to help startups grow

We strive to do meaningful things 
with the resources we have.

We're obsessed with how we can harness data to create products in a way to help startups succeed. It's not easy to begin the founders journey of launching a new product. At Epic we're focused on helping startups launch. We create products to help solve problems at scale, we host events and offer up a network to mentor and accelerate growth in new ideas. Our goal is to help new startups achieve success. This usually means get to a place where there is product, traction and repeatable growth.

At Epic, we are helping startups grow. We develop products utilizing groundbreaking technologies in the area of artificial intelligence. We're shaping new ideas with this powerful technology. We recognize that artificial intelligence amplifies human capabilities in ways that will transform business as we know it. Leveraging AI we create products that: Build applications faster, Matchmake startups with investors, Help startups utilize their data better, Using machine learning for account-based marketing and more.